The Carnival

by Thesis

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Yo, come see me at the carnival,
It’s marvelous artistry,
I’m the star of show,


Ringling bros with a lot more funk,
I just got more skunk,
Then a pot store trunk,
I just got more spunk,
And a lot more junk,
Then these snotnosed, not sold,
hot/cold punks,
So I leg lock haters,
Head bop gators,
Xbox kill, but sexbox later,
You can’t see me in these vapors,
Smoke and mirrors,
Rocks and papers,
I could find your heart in shades of,
Grey, today I start the page of,
Kidding, fitting darkness wage a,
War on light, tonight we stay up,
But now I play the,
Harp, it’s sharper than the blade of,
Ginzu, win who works the hardest,
tarnished, he who leaves the harvest,
we the smartest,
Now I fear that we’ve departed,
Season started,
Easel pardon,
Paint the picture, weed the garden,
Heed the martians,
We believe and see the star ships,
We concede and need to harden,
This carnival is more to the eye,
We read the stars, you see the sky,

come see me at the carnival,
It’s marvelous artistry,
I’m the star of show,


Watch the sacrifices,
We need you in time of crisis,
We need blood, to fill their vices,
We need guns to kill their pilots,
We need love to fill their eyelids,
We need drugs to kill in silence,
We need drums to build the violence,
We need slugs to kill the sirens,

Yo, the carnival is armed to the teeth,
Disarm to audience, alarm the beast,
When they come out, guns out blazin,
But even when the suns out, brain dead,
Now illuminate insaneness,
The consumer rate is shameless,
We platoon and take the blame then,
Fly away to safer havens,

Yo, come see me at the carnival,
It’s marvelous artistry,
I’m the star of show,



released January 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Thesis Wethersfield, Connecticut

A young rapper from Connecticut with an infatuation for classic hip hop music. An oldschool emcee at heart, but also a large underground hip hop enthusiast, Thesis draws inspiration from his all time favorite artist Eyedea as well as many others such as A Tribe Called Quest and Slug from Atmosphere. Thesis brings back the true essence of oldschool hip hop while providing with an underground twist. ... more

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