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I take a step into the building and they say I’m mad fly,
Jaws drop, broads stop cause they know I’m that guy,
In fire I was baptized,
Rapping was a past time,
Then I rocked the boat but eventually it capsized,
I built an ego and I knew that it was overblown,
Rapping was a challenge like I had an extra chromosome,
I was always home alone, no Macaulay Culkin
If I had a blunt, I’m smoking,
If I had a bowl, I’m toking,
I was always joking, but I wasn’t always funny,
Nobody ever listened so I wasn’t making money,
And I’m still not, but if you ask me I’m still hot,
I don’t need a dollar to tell me that I can still rock,
All I’m saying is you need a little confidence,
If you wanna be prominent and dominant it’s common sense,
Man, look at me preaching,
What am I teaching,
The rhyme or the reason,
I gotta chill with that and hop off my high horse,
Spark the creativity, I need to get high more,
Or maybe high less,
You could call me highness,
Got this weight on shoulders because I know that I’m next (neck)
I’m a bring back the classics,
And smack wack rappers,
I’m stuck in the past?
Nah, you got it ass backwards,
Who react faster, in this time crisis,
Sword and the pen so I’m mighty when I write shit,
No telling how I might get,
I’m actually a maniac,
Omnipotent spittin, so now they call me braniac,


from Lee Krasner, track released January 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Thesis Wethersfield, Connecticut

A young rapper from Connecticut with an infatuation for classic hip hop music. An oldschool emcee at heart, but also a large underground hip hop enthusiast, Thesis draws inspiration from his all time favorite artist Eyedea as well as many others such as A Tribe Called Quest and Slug from Atmosphere. Thesis brings back the true essence of oldschool hip hop while providing with an underground twist. ... more

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